On The Road – Norway Edition

Thursday, April 27th
After showering and having breakfast, we packed the last things in the bus before Saga, the dog, and we hopped in to start the trip to Norway. We made a first stop in Katrineholm and Ica Maxi to buy the last things needed for the trip. Then we drove through Örebro, Karlskoga, and Karlstad all the way up to Årjäng, where we stopped to refuel the bus before crossing the border in Töcksfors. We thought customs would check our passports, but they only wanted Saga’s dog passport. We stopped at Ørje Lock Area for food and sleep before continuing our journey towards Kristiansand.

Friday, April 28th
It was a cold night, -4 degrees Celsius. The day started with a morning walk with Saga, followed by breakfast. We took another walk later to look around the lock area, where we also found some geocaches. Then we started the bus and headed towards Moss to take the ferry to Horten. The 30-minute journey is a perfect coffee break, especially since we don’t have to leave the bus, just step into the back seat. After a short stop in Sandefjord for lunch and ice cream, we arrived at the exhibition area at 18:30. The plan was to meet GeoPod Norway at the site, but it turned out to be inside a fence, so we were fooled. We took the opportunity to find some geocaches before ending the day.

Saturday, April 29th
We got up early this day, and while Patrik prepared breakfast, Patricia and Saga went for a morning walk. We changed into warm clothes and went down to the exhibition area, it was really cold and windy. We spent the afternoon and evening exploring the area a bit more and had a delicious dinner.

Sunday, April 30th
Today, we were indoors when we were going to exhibit Saga. The judge really liked her, and she won all the prizes available. At first, we considered staying for the finals, but after lunch and some discussions, we decided to leave the exhibition and head back home. We left the area at 13:00, and before we knew it, we were in Horten and had a calm break on the boat to Moss. We decided to continue all the way across the border before stopping for the night in Västra Fågelvik, right by a lake and close to a church.

Monday, May 1st
We overslept a bit today; after all, it has been an intense weekend, and energy eventually runs out. It started raining during the night and didn’t seem to stop. We had no reason to stop on the way home, so we only had lunch in Örebro, and then we drove straight to Patricia’s parents’ place and transferred the luggage to our car. We’re staying here tonight and will head straight to work tomorrow.